Principles of Yacht Design

Principles of Yacht Design

Title: Principles of Yacht Design
Author: Lars Larsson & Rolf Eliasson
Release: 2014-02-14
Kind: ebook
Genre: Water Sports, Books, Sports & Outdoors
File Size Bytes: 43358944
Price: 37.99 USD
"This book is deeply fascinating...a must." -- Classic Boat

Principles of Yacht Design is the authority on planning and creating your desired yacht. Inside you will find all the essentials, including:
Design methodology and considerations The yacht's specifications Hull geometry, including lines plans and computer aided design (CAD) Hydrostatics and stability in waves and calm Hull design Keel and rudder design Sail and rig design Balance Propeller and engine characteristics High-speed powerboat hydrodynamics Hull construction considerations for sail and power Rig calculations ISO standards for dimensioning Cockpit, deck, and cabin layout Weight calculations Design evaluation, performance prediction, experimental techniques, and computational fluid dynamics
"A classic." -- Cruising World

"A sound and up to date manual of yacht design . . . a classic in its field" -- Practical Boat Owner

"A definitive work on yacht design." -- Cruising

"Ideal for budding designers and mathematically-minded yachtsmen." -- Yachting Monthly

"The standard book on the subject." -- Yachting Life

"Covers every aspect of the yacht design process." -- IBI magazine

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