Real Estate Agents Reveal All

Real Estate Agents Reveal All

Title: Real Estate Agents Reveal All
Author: Lisa B.
Release: 2019-09-04
Kind: ebook
Genre: Real Estate, Books, Business & Personal Finance
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How much should you pay a real estate agent? 
Which real estate agent do you choose to sell your property?
What should you know before you buy or sell a property?
How do you obtain the best possible price for your property? 

Are you considering selling a property? 
Would you like to know the mistakes others have made so that you don't make those same mistakes? 

Real Estate Agents finally reveal what they know!  

Are you curious as to what real estate agents have seen happen over the years to others, buying, selling and leasing property? 

We have Real Estate Agents, Trainers, CEO’s of major franchises from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America who are all going to share with you, these costly mistakes.

They are going to share with you, based on what they know, so that you don’t make the same mistakes.   

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear first hand from those at the coalface of real estate.  

Our contributing authors - 

Charles Tarbey  
Denise Haynes   
Melita Bell 
Glen Coutinho 
Krissy Jenkins   
Mike Green  
Matt Condit
Rick Hockey
Ryan McCann 
Lucas Pratt   
Sonia Tafilipepe
Geoff Luby   
Andrew Daniel
Ray Wood    
Stephen Harrod  
Tiron Manning  
Darren Cassar  
Samantha McLean  
David Crombie 
Manos & Maria Findikakis   
Tanya Flood 
Michael Spillane
Stephen McCann  
Amar Thakkar  
Lois Buckett 
Shane Crosbie 
Naomi Thomas  
Sam Stephens
Monty Van Dyk
Sonja Smith  
Sam Bevan
Steve Brodie   
Fadi Hajjar 
Sandy Morris
Adam Flynn
Carolyn Drane
Christine Rudolph 
Lisa B

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